1ere/Tle Annual Debate

The renowned 1ere/Tle Section Euro annual debate took place on May 31,2023 at the school’s auditorium. The two classes debated whether sex education should be part of the school’s curriculum with 1ere on the affirmative side and Tle arguing the negative.

1ere opened the debate while Tle carried on with their robust arguments. The atmosphere quickly got intense and competitive while captivating the audience, 2nde LCE who watched in admiration. Their English teacher Mrs. Encel ensured that the debate ran smoothly, and history/geography section euro teachers Mrs. Assi and Mr. Guille observed and assessed the arguments of very charismatic debaters.

Both teams demonstrated their astonishing research and debate skills as they rebutted and refuted each other’s ideas. Although, it was a very difficult to decide, the jury declared 1ere as the debate victors. The two classes left feeling very proud and fulfilled.

Congratulations to the two groups on a very impressive and remarkable performance!

1ere/Tle SE English Teacher

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