Fairytale Session

Fairytale Session: 2nde Section Euro and 6eme E Section Euro

Mrs. Encel’s 2 nde SE students worked on their own revisited fairytales that they presented to our 6eme E European Section on Thursday June 3 rd , 2021 at the auditorium.
These tales were inspired by the classical tales with a more realistic and contemporary moral lesson. Some themes discussed death, child labor, abuse and solitude but also courage, determination, marriage and family. All the stories started with a “once upon a time” but did not necessarily end with a “happily ever after”.
2nde SE animated these stories with puppet shows, slide shows, kamishibai and a shadow puppetry.
6eme E enjoyed the storytelling session by the high school students and discussed with them the moral behind these tales, and eventually voted for their favorite story.

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