The Mission Laique Côte d’Ivoire (MLCI) is a non-profit association governed by Ivorian law approved by the Ivorian authorities. In Côte d’Ivoire, it pursues the objectives of the Mission Laique Française (Mlf) and aims at ensuring the pedagogical, administrative and financial management of the Lycée International Jean-Mermoz of Abidjan, in order to promote education in conformity with the official French curricula. It is a secular and intercultural institution rooted on the same principles as those that guide all schools in the Mlf network.

The relations between MLCI and Mlf are governed by an agreement:

Bodies of MLCI

  • The General Assembly, which meets twice a year in ordinary session.
  • The Executive Board composed of six members of the association.
  • The Statutory Auditor.

Mlf is a statutory founding member of MLCI and is represented on the Executive Board by three directors appointed by the President of Mlf.

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