Une matinée à l’école Américaine…

Lors de la matinée passée à l’école Américaine le vendredi 16 Mars 2018 nous avons été accueillis par la bibliothécaire et 2 enseignants de CM2 (Fifth grade). Après la visite de la  bibliothèque nos élèves ont été répartis en deux groupes pour assister à une heure de classe avec les enfants de l’école. Ensuite ils ont participé à des épreuves sportives.

Voici quelques textes rédigés par les élèves :

My favorite part was when we got to the classroom. They were not many; there were only 13 students. We presented ourselves and they presented themselves. We were supposed to say: our names, where we came from and what we like. We made buildings made of paper that were supposed to be tall and strong. My team lost. After that we showed how we do our division in French and then how they do theirs in English.



In the American school I liked sports. Their sport is soccer. It was very funny but we lost because ICSA are champions. I liked also their library because it’s so big and beautiful. In that school I have three new friends.

Christy .

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